Drunk England fan accidentally orders 160 McDonalds nuggets after World Cup win


A drunk England fan mistakenly ordered 160 McDonald’s chicken nuggets while celebrating a 3-0 World Cup victory against Wales.

The footie fan was unable to comprehend how to use Deliveroo when she placed the mega order for a whopping £60.

She had only wanted a normal portion of 20 McNuggets but ended up with eight times the amount, after knocking back drinks during Tuesday’s crunch match.

“I think I must have been trying to add sweet and sour sauce but instead was adding extra nuggets,” she joked.

“At least it meant today’s breakfast and lunch are sorted.”

The supporter recalled thinking the bag was heavy when her delivery arrived.

“Then when I opened it, it was just box after box after box of chicken nuggets,” she said.

England fans went wild as the Three Lions scored two goals in two minutes as they battled against Wales for a spot in the knockout stages.

The players returned to the Doha stadium roaring and sent two balls into the net after leaving the pitch scoreless at halftime.

Marcus Rashford scored a stunning free-kick before Phil Foden doubled the team’s lead just moments later.

Rashford then hit a third over ten minutes later, sending England through to the next round.

The Three Lions earned top spot in Group B at the World Cup after a thumping 3-0 win against Wales on Tuesday night.

Next they will face Senegal at 8pm on Sunday, while Wales will most likely be returning home.

Many fans took to social media to report feeling a bit worse for wear on Wednesday morning and complained of having to go to work after the football feat.

Commuters said trains were noticeably empty.

While the NHS trust urged anyone who might have had too much to drink to rehydrate and “stay home”, suggesting some fans had sought medical help at A&E.

The Epsom and St Helier Trust tweeted: “If you had too much to drink and are feeling the effects today, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

“Hangovers can be treated at home. Please keep our Emergency Departments free for those who need them.”